Sunday, June 1, 2008

Big Ass Plans

We have decided that our project when in Tokyo (other than finding a Starbucks to get a Tokyo city mug) will be to find and photograph the most peculiar item we discover in a vending machine.

Another favorite activity is to find the stupidest thing in a snow globe. While in Paris we looked for a Mona Lisa in the Snow.

We are working up our nerve to stand on the glass floor of the Tokyo tower and peer through the look down window. You'd think that two brave women who have climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge will be able to do this with ease. It is 333 meters high. The Eiffel Tower is 320. The bridge in Sydney is only 134, but then again there were times during the climb that there was nothing underneath us.
I'm sure we'll see about one too many temples, too.

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Michael said...

Blogging in/from China could be interesting at times.

The "Great Firewall of China".

Going to Shenzhen? Smile for the cameras: