Monday, June 23, 2008

Rob, chin wo pee gu!

Hello from the big wall place! We climbed around and walked miles today. Jenny, you'd be proud of Gigi. We took a picture of Great Wallaffitti. We love our guides. Today Lilli said, "That very chill." when she meant "Cool." Went to dead Ming guy tombs and walked the everlasting refreshing walk of many animal statues in the pouring rain. No different from the non rainy weather. Just a little wetter and slightly cooler.
We have noticed that there seem to be no traffic rules except for Drive and Honk.
We have enjoyed seven lazy susan chopstick meals featuring unidentifiable items, that Mom calls mouse paws. We are very brave. Went to cloisonne factory and did arts and crafts. We bought several useless, but important objects.
freshette score; Lynn 2--Barbie 0.

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