Monday, June 9, 2008

Lot's of World Left to Put on Bucket List

It's me, Lynn.
I have this map that I put little gold beads at every place on the planet I have visited. I took the liberty of placing beads on where we are going next week. We have been a lot of places...BUT LOOK at all of the places we haven't been! I had better get busy. I'm not getting any younger.

Note to Rob. Stop annoying the Blog Administrator. Did we do this to you when you were on your trip? :-) (your writing was excellent, but...)


R said...


rg said...

i'm just trying to improve the quality of your blog by encouraging you to use good password security and to review all the settings and configuration options for the best possible experience.

now that you fascists are censoring me, i'll be content to read you blog.

anyway, I've started my own blog that I'm keeping while you are gone so I won't have time to contribute: