Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

We have been going over our itenerary. This looks like it will be a great trip. We don't know how simple it will be to get to a computer while we are there but we will certainly try to add something each day, but...
John heard that sometimes a person can plug their own personal computer in there and have all of their personal information stolen, and I can tell you right now that John's personal information is really personal.

We will be leaving on June 15th and we'll be traveling to Tokyo first for a few days. I may be imparting a few gems of preparation wisdom between now and then. Who am I kidding. I can't go five minutes without imparting stuff.
Our over-all trip theme is, "If it's our time, it's our time. Let's just do it."
We are wondering how many times we will need to invoke our theme.

We have already chosen each other's "Boyfriend" sight unseen, from the trip roster.
Until next time
The Vanbusker Grils