Tuesday, June 3, 2008

17 Day Undies and Instant Manhood

Barb heard that REI had Seventeen Day Underwear for travelers. Now, I have heard of people who turn their underwear inside out after one day. I have even heard of people then turning their underwear around backwards to get another day out of them. Putting all of the combinations together will only get you four days the way I see it. I couldn't figure out how one could get 17 days wear out of a pair of panties without becoming socially unacceptable in a group situation.

So off we went to REI, to check out these magic undies.

When we found them we saw that they were quick dry skivvies that will probably last for 17 washes. We each got two pair. We will be gone for 24 days. We'll have ten days left when we get home!

We found several other travel items but the best find was, a feminine urinary director!

After reading about "the hole in the floor, toiletless toilets" in China we almost panicked. We had already bought enough sanitary wipes to keep Monk AND Rob happy for a month. But this! This was serendipity! I grabbed one but Barbie was too embarrassed to get one until I told her I would NOT share mine.
China, bring it on.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a tip...buy 25 pairs of panties. Go to Victorias Secret and you can get 5 for 25.They wont dissolve and you might get lucky.

congrats on finally getting your penises!