Sunday, June 22, 2008

Knee How

We would like to thank the benevolent Chinese government for allowing us to send messages to our family. China is beautiful and the people are friendly and hardly ever make fun of us.
We have been to the Forbidden City, where 9,000 concubines and 10,000 eunuchs and probably a bunch of royal dudes lived. We also visited Tiananmen Square where a tank did NOT run over a young man in 1989.
A lady in our group had a step counter on her ankle and said we walked 13K, whatever that means. The walking wasn't hard but the temp was 86 degrees and the humidity was 106%.
We also went on a pedicab ride through the hutang neighborhood. We tipped our peddlers very well as they had a load to haul.
Next, we had tea in an old lady's house. She was sweet, but her tea was hot and, well, see above.

Today we went to the Dragon Lady's summer palace and the Temple of Heaven.
There, retired people gather daily to socialize and excercise. They dance and sing horrible karoke and play games, such as synchronized tennis raquet ball ballancing, swishy ribbon dancing, feather hacky-sac competition and jitter bugging.
Thank you Rob and Jenny, for all of your care. Poor puppies!
We were very very very close to giving you our password but we recovered just in time.
Thank you Mom, too.
Ttomorrow: The Great Wall.


Rascal Flats said...
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Anonymous said...

I still think you should give up the password.

rg said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but things are still on fire here. Seemed like there where fewer today, but they also seemed to get bigger. All your shit is not on fire, but some other peoples shit is on fire. Fire up on south cow got a little bigger today and the fire in millville plains made for a very red and smokey sunset. Black Butte School is a Red Cross shelter due to a fire on Shingletown ridge. Here is an article in the paper I give this to you, not because it is informative, but because the URL is funny. The Searchlight, as usual, does not recognize the existence of the east side.

Joe and Roxy spent the day in my office. Joe and Roxy both jump right over the fence in about the same amount of time it takes to shut the gate.

Lolita is still alive ROFL.


rg said...

UPDATE: we made it into the Searchlight LOL:

WHITMORE — A smoky haze has settled over this small east Shasta County town as small wildfires burn all around it.

“It’s a mess,” said Rachel Lathrum, an employee at the Whitmore Store.

Fires are burning east and north of the town, including the Donkey Mine Fire off Bull Skin Ridge Road and spot fires above Kilarc and Tamarack roads. With multiple fires burning from Saturday’s lightning strikes and new blazes continually popping up, residents in the area are eager for news.

Filling the void, the Whitmore Store has become an unofficial information center.

“I’ve had a lot of phone calls,” Lathrum said.

At this point, she said, area residents and store patrons don’t seem to be too worried about the hot, red rash of fires burning outside of town. But people are watching, she said.

And a group of residents from the area, “local boys,” she called them, neither professional firefighters nor volunteers, have been traveling around the Whitmore area putting out small spot fires as they pop up.

Anonymous said...

FYI George Carlin died.

Rob: we need Proof of Life.
You promised. ROFL