Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beijing Fast Food

To the great friends who have sent us emails with advice, we thank you. Yes we will steer clear of the fried donkey bladders, the goat lungs with red peppers, fried iguana tails on a stick, and the slimey green stuff!
We're sure John and Richard will try the Finest Kind Cock Heads, though. They are just that way.
We plan to take a jar of peanut butter if it doesn't send us over the weight limit. (No Comments, Rob.) Also we can find out just how long a person can live on rice alone. We are not worried. We are coming from a country where you can die from eating tomatoes and spinach.
Yes, we are doing our leg strengthening excercises for the wall that has been dubbed "The Great Stairs of China" but we won't need them for the hole in the ground potties. (See previous entry.)


Rascal Flats said...

Bon Voyage!

Rascal Flats said...

Stay away from the cock heads. The beaks are gross.

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