Friday, June 6, 2008

To a Teacher, "x" Means Times

The book tells us that our one piece of luggage we get to take must measure 62 inches length x width x height. After calling them to learn that the X did not mean "times," we switched our worry to the 44 pounds that it can weigh. Good thing we got those panties, huh.

We plan to leave our clothing behind after we wear it because we're bringing home some silk. And some wee bowls. And whatever else we find that we can't live without, like a Buddha in a snow globe.

Anyway, Lynn decided her suitcase looked too worn and ordinary. So she put apples all over it. Subtly, of course. Just like SHE is.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Again I must mention victorias secret panties. How much can they weigh?

You two are forgetting the cardinal rules Mom taught us.
She taught us "always wear nice underwear in case you get into an accident" (this was around the time she was teaching us how to burp like ladies)

I have a ugly vison of you getting rescued from some pile of earthquake rubble and them seeing your breakaway panties compared to the VS ones and not digging as fast.