Thursday, June 26, 2008

Found Out

Lita looks great in flames.
Today we rode the Shanghei version of the bullet train to Souzou. The peasants at the train station would come and stand right next to us and stare up and down. No politically correct 12 inches personal space. Children were running around with no bottom to their pants so they could just squat and go anytime they want. Yesterday we saw a parent hold their child out from theirbody so they could poo on the sidewalk.
Souzou is considered the garden city of China. Notice we say "considered". We rode a canal boat. It is a lot like Venice. just as dirty. Children were swimming in it as people were pouring things into it.
then we went to a traditional Chinese garden that has been reproduced in the NY Met Mus. and in Portland, their sister city.

Tonight we were excited because we were not going to have the usual lazy susan chinese dinnner. It was billed as a western dinner...................
We figure that means they left out the rice. But the bananas with red onion and cilantro was goooood. So was the skimmed bean curd skin and celery.
Tomorrow we fly to board our cruise on the Yangtse.
So far the weather has been fantastic. Good luck follows us.


rg said...

That sounds really exciting. Thanks for the the report. Nothing exciting here. Smoke is starting to clear. Garden looks good. Water good. All 3 dogs good. Cats good. Cows good. Chickens are finger lickin good.


rg said...

Hi Parents! I was hearing on the scanner just now that I5 & Highway 44 interchange is shutdown due to fire ROFL. I tried to get more info and I found this really cool gov'mnt web site that had latest info on the fires WTF. Here is a good synopsis so you can see whats happening at home LOL:

Northern California
Joint Information Center
Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:13 p.m. Contact: 530-226-2749

Current Situation: State and Federal firefighters continue to battle hundreds of wildfires throughout northern California and are preparing for light to moderate dry thunderstorm activity beginning tonight through the weekend. Fires are activity burning and continuing to spread. New fires are being identified on a regular basis.

Fires: 1,088
Acres: 158,818
Contained Fires: 241
Personnel Committed: 12,512

•Engines: 933
•Crews: 288
•Dozers: 262
•Water Tenders: 303
•Helicopters: 68
•Air Tankers: 14

Items of Interest:
Highway closures: State highways and local roads are closed throughout northern California due to wildfire activities. Closures and delays are in place for state highway 32, 36, 70, 89, 96 and 299. Numerous county and local roads are closed as well.

Evacuations: Areas of Butte, Shasta and Trinity counties are under evacuation orders at this time. Precautionary evacuation orders are in place for areas in Lassen, Modoc, Mendocino, Trinity and Shasta counties.

rg said...

Hey! Shasta County was proclaimed to be in a State of Emergency today!!! I was just thinking about how UNFAIR it was that Trinity County, Butte County and Mendecino County all where proclaimed to be in States of Emergency but not us. LOL! Now we are!

Also: your garden LOOKS GREAT! Water was running low so Jenny and I filled the green watering can from the pond and made sure everything has water. It takes a long time to water that way ROFL!


rg said...

Now that the tank is getting low, water stream comes out in a geriatric trickle. Watering garden takes 17 hours. We are running it in shifts throughout the day and trying to stay cool. We set up a FEMA tent next to the garden so we can get shade, water and supplies while we care for the $19.26 worth of produce the garden will generate.

Lolita smelled like piss so I have her a bath. She didn't like it. Washed her bed too. She slept with me last night. Roxy still here. She sees phantoms at night high up on the walls and tries to tear through whatever she needs to to get to the phantoms. Maybe I'll take her back to your house now.


Anonymous said...

haha Barbie I am rank 22 in pogo addiction solitaire!

rg said...

Very smoky. We are keeping dogs and people indoors. Irrigation water ran for a few hours and I was able to fill up the tank, water the grape vine, soak the garden and outside plants. All animals good. Ran you water for a long time yesterday in the house to clear out the black stink. Ran swamp cooler. Fridge out of beer. Not sure what my motivation is.

Fire from last weeks lightening still burning. 40K acres in Trinity-Shasta, plus another 40k scattered around the north state. Big fire burning by Shasta Dam. 500 mile blanket of smoke from Bakersfield to Redding making for the worst air you've ever seen. Big fires in Sanoma, Big Sur & Monterey. When I see where all the fires are burning, it makes me wonder where all the white people are going to go for long weekends.

I will take a picture of your garden and post it on

rg said...
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rg said...

"Protesters howled, flung excrement and shook tree branches" - Student protest, Berkley CA, from CNN news report.

Please send Chinese government troops when you can. They are really needed in Berkeley. Tell them to wear their goggles and masks because when you squash them with tanks, these students let out a big dusty, musty cloud of stink and yellow jammy toenail shrapnel can put an eye out.

rg said...

Hi Parents! Next time I go somewhere, I'm going to say 'Whud up yall! I gettin on a ferry with 5000 other people on the YANG ZEE riva yall! Talk to you soon!'

And then not talk to you soon.

See how you like it.

BTW: Jenny and Shannon where chasing one of your cows down Whitmore Rd this morning around 7am. Apparently it was running away. They turned it around somewhere past the Williams Ranch. I was at Stanford at a meeting so I didn't witness this but apparently the small brown fuzzy cow has issues.

Hope your boat didn't sink! Not like we'd know about it or anything.

Anonymous said...

seriously, where the F are you??????????????????????