Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mom youd hate it here

And you thought we couldnt do this in Japan
Thank you rob for getting litas toes done We have had quite the full emersion here We went to the Tokyo Tower and various scoopy roofed old buildings
Today we go to China and say goodbye to our lovely bidets. Ill fill in more details when the keyboard isnt in some funny language with squiggles on it
It took us five minutes to find the @.
As our daddy always said Je me demande ce qi font les pouvre jans or something like that.
We are having a great time. I cant find the apostrophe.
Love ya mean it.
We found a snow globe at the Tower.


Rascal Flats said...

I am so sorry you had to endure such a long flight in business class. You should try for 1st class next time. "scoopy roofed" is an adjective previously unknown to me, but I like it. I do not read France', so I have no idea what your daddy said. Please translate for the illiterate.


judo said...

I'm so glad I can stay in the comfort of my home and enjoy this hilarious trip via your blog without the effort or discomforts of travel. For over 50 years my little world has been brighter for witnessing yours. Sorry for the mushy words. When I gave up sarcasm that's what filled the gap. Carry on.

rg said...

Thunder and lighting. All 7 dogs slept in our bedroom last night. Lots of panting. Listening to CDF on scanner. Some fires from lightening strikes, but nothing in Whitmore. All is well.

Thanks for keeping me up to date on your trip. The one blog entry was really fulfilling.


Anonymous said...

Note to Lynn and Barbie:

PLEASE give your password to Rob!!!!!

What is happening back at your house is way more interesting than your trip.

rg said...

The thunderstorms parked right on top of us early this morning and stayed until 6PM. By 2PM today, we had 25 fires that had ground crew or air support. And then it got really busy. Not sure how the day ended up. It's 8PM and there are still fires burning up by Kilarc power house, South Cow and on the other side of the ridge from our house. None of them are out of control or anything, but you get the picture. BOOM BOOM BOOM all day long. Those spotter planes, helicopters and tankers where flying right under the thunderstorms and putting things out for us. Lots of trucks, dozers and guys with shovels too. A few times, I drove over to your place because from my house it looked like you where taking direct lightening hits. Just an optical illusion. Millville Plains is on fire though. Jenny had to work today and she counted 7 columns of smoke on the west side. At one point, I heard on the scanner that a guy on a four wheeler was up on the other side of the ridge from our place reporting a fire but the ground crews said it would be a 4 hour hike in to get to it so they would have to wait until tonight. I saw Dan a few minutes ago and turns out the guy was him and the four wheeler was yours. He and a buddy of his where driving around with shovels clearing rings around burning snags. Anyway, just wanted you to know that your quad was pulling vigilante fire patrol duty today. Joe and Roxy spent the day in my office. House is fine. Garden fine. However, due to the sporadic heavy rains, your jury-rigged irrigation line to the garden turned into a fire hose and blew the reducer off the end and is flood irrigating your fruit trees and filling up your pond. I was on looking at the storm intensity and electrical activity and, ironically, a power pole on Whitmore Road took a direct lightening strike and spiked the power and burnt up my the hard drive on my Mac. Fortunately, Macs are easy and I had just backed up my computer Friday night so I booted up off the backup disk so I was able to give you this report.

How'r things in China?