Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brue Sky

We have been doing so many things we can't believe that we were just at the wall. We are too tired to be funny or clever. Deal with it Pegi. Oh thanks Peg for the world news update. We also heard that Britney Spears sister just had her baby. Now we are caught up to current news. It's a good thing too. CNN here has been showing the same news for 3 days. No weather here either. The approaching typhoon is not on the news at all.
First, Rob, thank you very much for ALL you are doing and you don't really need to kiss our ass.
Although others have notice our ass and want to have their picture taken with it. Also Richard's nose.....
Later we will fill you in on our travel group. It's a whole nother entry. Yesterday we saw a kung fu school presentation, a jade factory, the olympic venues, and then flew to Shanghei and saw a Chinese acobatic show before we went to our new hotel.
Today we went to the Bund, Shanghei museum, the Jade Buddha and drove through parts of Shanghei. Barbie accidently killed an insect inside the Buddhist temple.

Shanghai is an ooooool city with new, futuristic buildings built right on top of them. Think Blade Runner.


Anonymous said...

HMMMMM....did Rob get the password? Nice post! I'm just jealous I am not with you guys.

Bitches! lol

love ya mean it!

PS Amy Winehouse has emphesema-she shoulda gone to rehab

~Lynn you dog is on fire.

typing in shlombeoch

Anonymous said...

The Woof
The Woof
The Woof is on fire!

Good thing I'm not to tired to be funny or clever!