Saturday, July 5, 2008

Xi'an and the Olympic Winning Spirit

We arrived at the Big Goose pagoda just after the torch had gone by. The excitement was catching. There was a sea of people, flags, and smiles and waves. A chinese father blew Barbie a kiss. It's a good thing these people are our friends. They could give each one of them a chopstick and send them out to poke everyone's eye out and the rest of the world would not have a chance.

Afer a few more local visits including SMALL Goose pagoda where John and his new best buddy Kaleb climbed to the top. After an 18 dumpling dim sum lunch we left for Guilen.
Our flight was cancelled but not to worry. We got to fly to a city next to Hong Kong and then fly back to Guilen. The pilot only slammed the plane down once. That makes 18 take offs and landings since we left. We only have 6 left.
On one flight a kid just squatted down and pooped in the aisle in his bottomless pants.
The method to get on each plane is much better that Southwests. When the doors open push your way to your seat. We gave them lessons in blocking and lineing up properly.

Starbucks mug count 4
Squat toilet episodes 10,000
Lazy Susan meals 58
Snow globes 6 (photographed only)
Extra suitcases bought for new stuff 1
Some people were maybe expecting an intellectual account of our journey. Did you forget who you were dealing with? We are too private to share our personal discovery of this culture.

Barbie typed this. Lynn will give you the realshit later.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask...How are your penises?

Anonymous said...

oh yea. I am not jealous of your trip anymore.

judo said...

Wow, I'm really glad I'm AT HOME. I've been trying to remember...back in the day was there a "Maw and Paw Kettle's Big Ass Trip to China"?

mn said...

hey guys, sounds like you are having fun.........miss you. getting ready for work, 4 days in a row, then 7 days off. love you all

Anonymous said...

By the way..please dont tell brent about the action figures

rg said...

FEMA has moved into the old 84 Lumber building on 44 and Old Oregon Trail. They are processing in out of state fire crews to work on fires on BLM land. They are putting in a pretty big operation. They think they will be there until November.

Temperature forecast for Whitmore for the next 5 days: 105, 107, 107, 104 100.

There is a float plane, as large as a 747, tied off next to Bridge Bay Marina. You can see it when you cross the lake on the 5. It's a Martin Mars water bomber on loan from Canada. It has a little Cessna, a C206 float plane named the Bird Dog, that flies with it and it goes in first when the big plane is trying to land to scare boats away and blast a siren.

We went to dinner at Jenny's mom's brother's ranch last night. It was fun. He has good wine. They own the Black Bear Diner franchise and have a black bear motif going on in their house (not the crap they sell in the store).


Anonymous said...

wow what a shitty flight