Monday, July 7, 2008

The Real China

Thank god they sent us to Guillen last. It is a beautiful southern city of rice farms, water buffalo, Karsts and scenery. It looked like the China scenery you see in pictures. It was also very old China with the best hawkers we've seen so far. They would paddle their boats furiously up to the ship and attach somehow then hang on with one hand while they held up plastic jade buddahs and screamed at us. An adorable little boy followed John with a flower to sell and then hit him when he wouldn't buy. The potties were puddly pee to step in . No kidding. We are throwing our shoes away. Ann, you were right about our "cruise". Esp the lunch. Bleh. Then we had our next delayed flight to HK. Night and day. Back to civilization or familiarity. We rode the ferry and went to Victoria Peak etc today.
We are on the 20th floor of a nice hotel right in the middle of everthing. This is really the first rain we have had since the typhoon. Rucky we are. Tomorrow we are going street crawling and shopping with our special HK monies instead of the tour to the countryside tomorrow. Our tour guide reminds us of Mrs. Swan. Rook rike man......

We are having fun Really

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rg said...

Fire News from RS based on updates from CalFire:

Fires burning in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest are expected to pick up over the next several days as a warming and drying trend develops in the north state.

Smoke should be visible from the interior of many of the fires in the Iron Complex in Trinity County, especially along Highway 299, U.S. Forest Service officials said Sunday morning.

The ferocious lightning storm that hit the weekend of June 21 and 22 likely caused the largest number of fire starts from a single event in statewide history, a Forest Service spokesman said.

The fires in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest grew 433 acres from Saturday night to Sunday morning for a total of 69,532 acres. Of the 97 fires, 51 are active and 46 have been contained. Fire-suppression costs have risen to $21.8 million.

Here's a look at local fire conditions as updated Sunday evening by Forest Service and California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection officials.

Shasta-Trinity Lightning Complex:

This complex consists of 158 fires, with 112 contained, 43 that have merged with other fires and three active blazes. Cal Fire reports 53,600 acres have burned with 55 percent overall containment. The firefighting cost to date is $21.2 million.

The Motion Fire west of Shasta Dam remains at 16,700 acres with 50 percent containment. The planned Motion Fire burnout did not get under way Sunday. Today, the Martin Mars water bomber leaves Shasta County and heads south to the West Basin Fire burning near Big Sur. The Moon Fire near Ono is at 18,600 acres and 50 percent containment.

The Deerlick Fire west of Ono is 16,800 acres and 45 percent contained.

The Iron Complex:

This series of 16 fires in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest has burned 25,718 acres and has a 45 percent overall containment.

Ten of the fires in the complex have been contained, while these six are uncontained: The Buckhorn blaze remained at 3,491 acres with 5 percent containment. The Eagle Fire was at 7,531 acres and 50 percent contained. The Cedar Fire was stable at 1,165 acres and 20 percent containment. The Ironside Fire went unchanged and continues to burn in 12,051 acres, but with 70 percent containment. The Zeigler Fire remained at 822 acres but was up to 50 percent containment.

The Denny Fire is at 43 acres with zero containment. Firefighters were being flown into this fire Sunday to begin suppression work.

The Lime Complex:

This series of 70 fires has risen to 44,055 acres, but with 68 percent containment. Several fires within the complex have burned together, but 32 of the fires have been contained.

On Saturday, a new quarter- acre fire was discovered inside the perimeter of the Telephone Fire. The fire was contained using attack crews and smoke jumpers.

Headway has been made on the 334-acre Trough Fire, which was fully contained.

The Lime Fire remained at 8,536 acres and was 55 percent contained. At 4,544 acres, the Miners Fire was up to 65 percent contained. The Noble Fire remained at 12,756 acres with 90 percent containment.

The Iron Fire was kept at 2,787 acres and at 41 percent containment.

The Alps Complex:

This series of 11 fires grew slightly Sunday to 791 acres, but with 51 percent containment. The blazes are located in steep, rugged terrain where fire crews are hampered by burning logs and debris that roll downhill and spread fire across established lines.

The Granite Fire, at 516 acres and 62 percent containment, and the Carey Fire, at 201 acres and 5 percent contained, remain the priority blazes for firefighters.

Smoke cleared enough Saturday in the Carey Fire so that a helicopter was able to drop water from a bucket to help crews there.