Thursday, July 3, 2008

The First Action Figure Collection

Yesterday when we got off the ship, an American working on the boat told us that the earthquake dams had broken and that was why the river was a torrent of rapids our last 2 days. Now they tell us.
There was an 8 girl band made up of the waitresses and maids on the boat playing as we disembarked. They were playing doe a deer, a female deer and Home On the Range. They sounded like their band director was Harold Hill. It was so cute.
More about boat later....
We were in Chungquoing (Chungking) where the Flying Tigers were based. We went to the museum and a John Belushi Samuri-ish professeor yelled at us for 10 minutes and then the translator would explain, He say "The American come and save us. We grateful."

Then we went to see the pandas. OMG How cute. It was feeding time and they were so close. We liked the one that came out and grabbed his food and then deliberately turned his back on us. He would slowly reach around and grab a new branch of bamboo and then turn back away. He did not want to be the exhibit. Speaking of that, we were (the exhibit, that is) Cute litte kids would bravely come up and yell Hello and then run back and hide behind their parents. 2 boys played hide and seek in the group of tall Americans as we listened to our guide.
We are learning to follow a pink sign everywhere we go like lemmings. What will we do when the sign goes away?
Then we flew to Xi'an. They served us boiled peanuts on the plane.
Today we saw the Terra Cotta soldiers. It gave us chills. Tanner you would like it here. We also found John's twin among the statues---Really. Will show you picture later.
We also visited a poor village school which made Lynn deathly ill with a rash.
The olympic torch will be here tomorrow. There are millions lining the streets already. We won't be one of them. We've seen a torch.
Tomorrow more Xi'an and then fly to Guilin where we will get to ride another boat.

We are missing our puppies oh yeah and the people that are taking care of them too. We get NO news. Are fires still burning?


rg said...

From CDF web site:

Statewide fire stats for fires started since June 20th, 2008

Total Fires: 1,781
Total Acres Burned: 505,872
Personnel Committed: 20,254
Fire Engines: 1,503
Dozers: 340
Water Tenders: 428
Helicopters: 119

53K acres burned in Shasta-Trinity with fires 43% contained.

Other news since you've been gone:

People who died: George Carlin, Bozo the Clown, Mike's Dad (contractor), Lee's son (guy who takes stuff to dump)

Pets still alive: Lolita etc.

Retired: Bill Gates

Broke up with girlfriend: John Jr.

In other news, I got a new dining room table and my washer broke.

rg said...

more on the boat later...more on that later...more about the boat later.. bfing teases. both of you. all four of you really.

I'm in Eugene OR today. Olympic trials are going on. Lots and lots of people here. Big signs everywhere with references to Beijing. My favorite: "THE 2008 OLYMPIC TRIALS, there are easier ways to get to Beijing, like digging"

Anyway. get to the part about the fucking boat. Rough seas + overcrowded + mass seasickness + shared toilets? OR overcapacity + windy + heeling over + crush of humanity? OR stinky river + floating turds + floating dead bodies +fishing + eating the fish from the turdy styx? Spill it, and stop the overused and abused literary device "more on that later...tee hee hee" or I too will vomit for 5 days.

I'm going home now. I expect an answer when I wake up in the morning from you bfing pseudo bloggers.


Anonymous said...

Some news here. Barb -Tanner got the $50 birthday target gift card back that my cleaners 14y yr old with a baby stole last week. He had saved it until there was really something he wanted and then couldnt find it.

My lymph node has been swolllen in my neck and armpit and wont go down even though ive been on antibiotics for 2 weeks. its the size of a golfball. more on that later tee hee hee.

Rynsay Rohan is a lesbian.

You are missing the best bachelorette ever.

John has deleted his account AGAIN!

love ya mean it

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